I Drool In Your Eyeballs

How cats wake their humans up in the morning: sometimes with meows, sometimes with drools, but sometimes reciting poetry. Cats are weird.


We all know that cats don’t like to be hugged…..they probably think we are trying to squish them to their deaths.

Invisible Bugs

We all know that cats can see in other dimensions…….but what are they really seeing? Do they know the truth of our existence? They may not be able to tell us these answers, so perhaps they are trying to communicate to us using poetry instead.

Felis Obscura

Black cats are basically invisible most of the time; hiding in dark corners, sleeping on dark furniture; and sometimes they just disappear……..


I always wondered what the cats are thinking is going to happen to them when we take them to the vet!


In times of sorrow, it’s always good to have a cat beside you


We know that our cats are very proud of their achievements, no matter how small or how shiny.


Every morning, I see littered paw prints on the counter and wonder what they have gotten into the night before. Sometimes the cats leave me poems about their mischievous nightly adventures as if it is something to be proud of.


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