I always wondered what the cats are thinking is going to happen to them when we take them to the vet!


In times of sorrow, it’s always good to have a cat beside you


We know that our cats are very proud of their achievements, no matter how small or how shiny.


Every morning, I see littered paw prints on the counter and wonder what they have gotten into the night before. Sometimes the cats leave me poems about their mischievous nightly adventures as if it is something to be proud of.


I am glad my cat is expressing himself in poetry instead of senseless murders these days…..

Catdom II – The Reckoning

We know that black cats aren’t bad luck, yet they are still likely to get adopted last from shelters. Celebrate black cat awesomeness this Friday the 13th by adopting a black cat! Also, enjoy this poem that my cat wrote which I don’t think is about her trying to dominate the world at all…….

Catdom – The Conquering

Here is the first of a series of poems written by cats expressing their desire for world domination. We all knew it was an inevitability, and now we have the poems to prove it.

Felis Caliginous

Cats must have some sort of pact with the netherworlds where they can just jump into some sort of black hole or vortex when they don’t wish to be found. They’re sneaky and clever like that.


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