I Sing the Song of My People

Our cats mid-night mewlings; are they singing? Are they communicating with Void-lings? It seems my cats are reciting poetry. Very loudly.

There’s a Cat on My Lap

Special guest writer today is humom: Every cat parent knows that you cannot move once there is a cat on one’s lap; it is sacrilege.


Even kittens write poetry! But they are infinitely more adorable.

No One Knows

The joys of having cats and the mid-night surprises they leave us! It’s always better when they leave us poems they wrote though.

Murderous Filigree

Finally a peer into the mind of our cats when it comes to their midnight Christmas Tree destroying antics.

Battle of the Box

If they make fits, they do sits. Such epic battles can only be adequately expressed in poetry.


Cats are helpful, especially with laundry piles. They like to keep your clothes warm for you until you are ready to wear them. The littered paw prints comes as a bonus to remind you of how awesome it is to have a cat to help you with your chores.


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