No life was given

No life was lost,

Yet every month I grieve

No eulogy

No unison

Still my body it bereaves


A lifeless end

A deathless life

For one who will never hold a breath

A soul just passing

And yet trespassing

Upon my hopes to ill-timed death


Such hopes are met

With such regret

I watch my future in demise

A timeless end

That never began

As I will never see their eyes

Little Seeds

Come on little seed, grow;

We planted you so long ago

Are the soils barren?

Bereft of life;

Are you rotting in the ground?

Is your little seed soul,

Lost in Ether,

And having troubles being found?


We are right here waiting!

The soil is warm;

The sun is beating

It’s brilliant heart.

We are protectress, we are patron

And vow to shelter you from the start.


But the ground is silent,


It is a devoid and a hollow mound,

Is our bond already broken?

Are our lives to be bound?


Little Seed, Little Seed

The soil is ready, we have you sown;

Little Seed,  

What’s the matter?

Why won’t you bear,

Why won’t you grow?

Empty, Still

Life ending,

Never beginning

My days a hollowed womb

Barren, lifeless,


My future but a tomb


Existence meets

Its Final Breath

Time besieges its dying prey

A body still

And unforgiven

With all its prospects in decay


All hope is sunk

In starving soils

A wasteland it became

Nothing growing

Sterile Earth

As I will never know their name


Soma lies

And tricks the eyes

We are the sullied

Sick, and beaten


By our kin

We are feared and

Dirty heathens


The cult has spoken

Which can’t be broken

As the ringleaders

Spin the lies


And hypnotized

Soma works to dull the wise


But the wise they know

That it’s all a show

Put on for glassy-eyed


For when it’s time

The lights will dim

To break the nation

From their fever