There’s a Cat on My Lap

There’s a cat on my lap

I cannot stir, I shall not move

There’s a cat on my lap

I am forbade to go unless she approves

There’s a cat on my lap

I dare not displace, or disobey

There’s a cat on my lap

(But it’s been so long; I cannot stay!)

I inch to move

But her claws dig deeper

With a talon grip

She has trapped me there

I try to wriggle

My way from under

But she turns to face me

With a wide-eyed glare

I try to push her

With a gentle nudge

But her sorrowed cries

Give me a start

So here with cat

I am stuck here helpless

Whence from my lap

Wills she to part

She must move someday

It can’t be forever;

But just in case,

I Will ev’rything to her;

So farewell strange world,

It’s a good way to depart:

With a cat on one’s lap

And warmth in one’s heart