Battle of the Box


This is my box

And good sits I do make

I fits in quite nicely

This box I do stake


This is my box

I create much better shape

Like sleek cat loaf I sits

From my romp to my nape


This box fits securely

As my hind is snugged ’round

I make the best sits

In this box I have found


This box it is bulging!

You are much too rotund!

Its quadrance is morphing

Into a furry cardboard mound!


Then the box it was taken

Collapsed flat as one

Rendered as shapeless

The box it was done


“You kids wrecked your box!

It’s all squished and has creases;

I will have to recycle it

And cut it to pieces.”


The cats they stopped fighting;

The box no longer there

Instead they sat poised

InĀ  a long silent glare