We know that black cats aren’t bad luck, yet they are still likely to get adopted last from shelters. Celebrate black cat awesomeness this Friday the 13th by adopting a black cat! Also, enjoy this poem that my cat wrote which I don’t think is about her trying to dominate the world at all…….

The mid-night zoomies have always been one of cats’ greatest mysteries. What do they do in the middle of the night and why? All we know is that their humans are left with the carnage to deal with in the morning.

Like some cruel joke from nature, cats are not born with opposable thumbs. They do have claws and the powers to knead on your organs while you sleep though. It is always important to make sure your cat is fed most often.

My cat is being expressive in rhyming long form poetry now.  I can’t make the rain stop, so maybe stop incessantly mewling at the door and asking for me to make it go away? Oh, and writing poetry about it?  Seriously, go have a nap or something.