Sky Water

Sky water, sky water

Why do you fall on my furs?

I sought for outdoors

But now sky water occurs!

I wish to murder birds

And chase bugs and eat grass

You have ruined my day now

But I know you won’t last

Up the porch steps I do trot

And mewl* at the door

I am let in from outside

Then ask to go out once more

This time will be different:

Once I strut back outside;

No more sky water will be falling

Just a memory I mired

But NO, it still falls!

Making everything slushy

My outside is ruined

And my paws are all mushy

So indoors I scurry

With no murders as presents

The hoomans seem pleased

With my wet soggy presence

They cover me with towel

To un-soak all my furs

But sky water is still out there

Of this I am sure

I will find a good nap spot

And thus wake anon

Because this time I am sure

The sky water will be gone

*Editors note: It’s more of a shrill shrieking sound, really