Birthday Poem


There once was a Manx named Sebastian

He was dapper and derpy and quite handsome

Except on his birthday he ate

Far too much on his plate

And he barfed all over the bathroom


From that day on he was frigid

As memories belie he remained timid

Of that time he lay splayed

In fish chunks he sprayed

All over his furs he committed


Still, he was fed cat treats without fail

Despite his increase on the Chonk Scale

Number two going on three

Because all the food it was free!

And wooed for more by the tuft of his tail


Despite this his humans adored him!

He could ‘cute’ his will in a whim

So on his side he did lay

With his tom-tom displayed

For many scritches  on his lil’ chonk abdomen


Soon he had forgotten the incident

His food bowl he plenty did frequent

And would eat all the noms

Despite a sore tom                            

And occasionally did still heave up a present