I Drool In Your Eyeballs

I drool in your eyeballs

To make you awake

Feed me hooman, FEED

(Why do you forsake?)

I knead on your organs

They are soft and so squish

I claw at your scalp


I paw at your face

In hopes of making you care

Your poor cat is withering

In starving despair!

Alas! she has stirred

From slumber she woke

Now she must feed her poor kitty

Or I fear I might croak!

She plucks out my claws

One by one from her hair

And wipes the drool tears

From her face with great flair

But oh nos, what is this?

She has laid back in the bed!

Get up silly hooman,

This is no way to get fed!

For now she has trapped me,

Pinned under her arms,

Like plush toy I am squish

And yet safe from all harm

I guess feeds can wait

Cuz it’s quite cozy in here

All warm in the bed

With the hooman,

I share