The Scribe

A Poet who can’t write

A Warrior who won’t fight

A Constitution with no might

And a Ruler without a throne


For those who scale the mountain’s peak

There’s sacred knowledge one must seek

A journey meant not for the weak

Or of sundered heart be known


There’s victory on the horizon

For those who know the Wise One

Whom recognize the guide stone

Thereby the poet’s words be penned


Tis now that all must take up arms

Be it pen or sword to belay harms

Do not be fooled by deceiver’s charms

As the warrior picks up and fights again


The spirit of the Law be formed

From the hearts of battles we have learned

Abandoned Old Ways not t’be mourned

With ghosts we walk primordial trails


The Poet’s pen thus transcribes

Upon the throne the Word is scribed

The Warrior’s might protects the tribe

And the Word as Law is what prevails